Wellness consultS

Old Town Wellness focuses on whole-body health consultations. Through her in-person or virtual consultation meetings, Amy LaRue, ND will coach you on best practices to maintain a healthy and fulfilling wellness journey.

**Consultations are not a substitute for medical or dietetic care. Educational consultations in nutrition and lifestyle can serve as an excellent adjunct to a medical doctor’s care and are intended to expand a client’s consideration of available options and assist with an understanding of and compliance with any medical care recommendations a client may be receiving as well as assist in the use of natural means to support health. No aspect of an educational consultation should be understood as a basis to avoid any diagnostic work-up or avoid, alter or discontinue any medical treatment. Clients must have a primary care physician and other needed specialists in place prior to consultation and follow-up with their appropriate physician to discuss modifications they intend to make to their health protocols.

In-Person ConsultS

Located in Bay Saint Louis, MS


This consists of a 75 minute new client consult to review goals for optimizing wellness. We discuss what has and has not worked for you to reach an optimal level of health.


This is a 40 minute session where we build upon recommendations made at the first appointment and tailor a long term plan to your specific needs. Typically these are spaced every four to six weeks to achieve optimal results.

virtual Consultation

Available via a secure patient portal

  • Appointments are the same as stated above.




Please note: Currently, Naturopathic Doctors are not licensed in Mississippi, therefore, insurance cannot be billed for any of the cost of care. Amy LaRue does hold a license in Vermont and prior to that held an Oregon license. We are working on legislative efforts to license NDs and value your support in this effort. If you would like to learn more please go to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians advocacy page here.



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  • Disease prevention

  • Immune support

  • Endocrine disorders (thyroid, blood sugar, etc)

  • Weight loss

  • Adrenal dysfunction

  • Digestion issues (reflux, constipation, IBS, etc)

  • Hormone imbalance (menopause, painful periods, etc)

  • Chronic UTI's, yeast infections

    And many more! Please call if you have specific concerns.